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Our 3lb robot Gutter Monkey took 1st place in the 3lb weight class at Seattle Bot Battles IV!  Here is a time laps video of the event. (Warning, very big file!)

Welcome to the exciting world of combat robotics!  If you are new to combat robotics, be sure to check out the Robot Fighting League and the online forums where you can learn everything you want to know.  I've just started this web site so expect quite a few blank spots.  I'll be filling things in over the next few months. This should expand as content is added.

The Robothon event will be the first time we use our new bigger arena.  I'm using Solidworks for the first time to try and design a new 12lb pneumatic robot


In the past I've most built rammers and electric lifters with a few spinners thrown in.  I've now experimented with pneumatics in a 3lb flipper.  I'm trying to take what I learned to build a study 12lb flipper.



Why is our team called Death by Monkeys?
What are the weight classes?
How much will it cost to build a bot?
Won't my robot just get destroyed?
It looks hard, can I really do it?
Are there kits available?
Is it dangerous?

How do I get Started?
1.  Read read read
2.  Find a local competition and watch
3.  Start with a simple design
4.  Build it
5.  Test it
6.  Fight Fight Fight!